Professional learning courses

Coursework and instruction to improve discussion pedagogy

The Discussion Project, developed by leading educators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a professional learning course for grades 6-12 teachers and college instructors. It is designed to improve discussion pedagogy as part of facilitating a more engaging, inclusive, and intellectually rigorous classroom environment.

Online professional learning

Our online coursework delivers an immersive experience for designing and implementing equitable, inclusive, and engaging online (rather than in-person) discussion.The interactive course provides structure and guidance for your team through a well-delivered curriculum.

  • Online video discussion.
  • Learn-by-doing synchronous sessions.
  • Class pre-work assignments to optimize effectiveness and model classroom environment.
  • Instruction led by educational leaders from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who specialize in discussion pedagogy.
  • A safe, convenient, professional development opportunity during (and beyond) the pandemic.
  • Course cohort size: a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 30 participants for the highly interactive sessions that maximize learning. The sessions are highly interactive and set in an environment that encourages participation to maximize learning.
  • Flexible pricing model: $1,000 per attendee for the first 20 attendees, $800 for the 21st to 30th attendee.

In-person professional learning

Our highly interactive in-person course teaches strategies for effective small and large group discussion. Instructors learn research-based approaches to design and implement equitable, inclusive, and engaging classroom discussion.

  • Immersive in-person learning facilitated across three days at an institution’s location.
  • Instruction and coursework delivered by academic leaders specializing in discussion pedagogy.
  • Adherence to local Covid guidelines to create a safe learning environment.
  • Course cohort size: a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 30 participants for interactive sessions that maximize learning.
  • Flexible pricing model: $1,000 per attendee for the first 20 attendees, $800 for the 21st to 30th attendee.

Current opportunities

Learn more about The Discussion Project's professional development opportunities designed for Higher Ed leaders and Grades 6-12 teachers. Whether you're looking to develop new skills or increase academic engagement and learning, The Discussion Project teaches educators to design and facilitate high quality classroom discussion.


Higher Ed

  • There are no courses currently scheduled (updated January 2024).

Grades 6-12

Find the right fit for you and your team.

High quality classroom discussion engages students in critical thinking and leads to a deeper understanding of course content. It requires students to inquire, listen to others, consider different perspectives, think critically and deepen learning.

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Teachers and leaders in grades 6-12

Courses for teachers and instructional leaders

The course work helps all teachers by providing actionable techniques to implement classroom discussion in grades 6-12 classrooms.

The Discussion Project’s team of K12 teaching experts deliver research-based, interactive training so educators can foster and manage classroom discussion essential to learning and achievement.

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Higher Ed instructors and leaders

Courses for instructors and institutional leaders

College instructors need an advanced set of teaching skills to create an educational environment that fosters effective classroom discussion.

The Discussion Project empowers instructors develop skills and learn sustainable strategies to design, implement and facilitate high-quality classroom discussion to improve student academic performance.

Courses for educators and leaders

The Discussion Project offers both online and in-person courses to advance your teaching skills and create more inclusive learning environments.

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What our professional learners say

Cassandra McKay-Jackson

Associate Professor, Director, Social Work Program, Erickson Institute

“It was fantastic and should be a requirement for any new instructor. Intentional activities that made us think quickly and make decisions, also the preparation was a useful part of the learning various strategies the rationale for them and how to implement them in classrooms.”

Tiffany Green

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences and Obstetrics & Gynecology, UW-Madison

Take the course now if you want to level up your teaching and have richer, more productive conversations in the classroom. Highly recommend to all instructors, from grad students to full professors.

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