Higher education instructors and leaders

The Discussion Project, designed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a professional learning course for higher education institutional leaders and instructors. It delivers research-based teaching strategies that positively impact the quality of education offered.

Improve classroom discussion. Improve learning

High quality classroom discussion engages students in critical thinking and leads to a deeper understanding of course content. It requires students to inquire, listen to others, consider different perspectives, think critically, and deepen learning.

The Discussion Project’s higher-ed course work provides sustainable strategies to promote discussion and a more engaging classroom experience. It improves student and instructor engagement while also building institutional and departmental reputation for academic excellence.

Laptop screen showing multiple people in a virtual meeting

Online course

Seven 2-Hour Online Sessions

Learn to design and implement high quality synchronous discussion for online courses. Skills taught in this course are also applicable to the in-person classroom.

People in a group discussing a paper

In-person course

3-Day Course

Learn to design and implement high quality discussion for in-person courses. The skills taught in this course are also relevant to online synchronous instruction.

Seeking to improve your institution's reputation for excellence in academic performance? Foster high-quality discussions.

Create a more engaging higher educational experience

Discussion pedagogy designed to help institutional leaders and instructors create a more engaged classroom and improve academic performance.


Build more inclusive classroom communities to enhance learning.


Improve student and instructor engagement and retention.


Build institutional reputation for teaching quality.


Strengthen departmental profiles.


Promote and increase job satisfaction for instructors.


What our professional learners say

Kathy Cramer

Professor, Political Science, UW-Madison

“I was fortunate to take part in your training last month. I am not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life. I am teaching a 15-person and a 50-person undergraduate course this term, and I am using the skills you taught me each class session. It has made me think differently about my teaching and I am quite sure the students’ experience is all the better for it. Thank you! You all are providing a fantastic service.”

Rhoda Smith

Assistant Clinical Professor, Erikson Institute

“Great modeling on using the tools, great examples and samples of tools provided to us. Very helpful that there was attention paid for us to connect to others in our specialty areas.”

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