John Zola

Curriculum Designer & Instructor

John Zola is a Curriculum Designer & Instructor for The Discussion Project. He spent 32 years as a high school social studies teacher; most recently at New Vista High School, a “break the mold” public high school in Boulder, Colorado. There, he developed a wide variety of courses and implemented Socratic seminars on a regular basis. John also served as the Director of School and University Partnerships at the University of Colorado School of Education, where he taught social studies methodology courses over the past two decades. 

Throughout his career, John developed interactive teaching materials and trained colleagues in active learning strategies and Socratic seminars.  He has presented workshops that help teachers make the voice and work of students central in the classroom. Many of these workshops were presented in countries of the former Soviet Bloc where they helped to promote the skills and dispositions needed in the new democracies. John currently conducts in-service trainings on Socratic seminars, civic education and teaching strategies in a variety of locations around the United States, Central Europe, and Asia.