Transform student learning in one day.

Elevate your teaching approach with The Discussion Project’s new one-day course. Create engaging conversations in your classroom and transform learning experiences today.

A one-day course designed for teachers to learn the core principles of structured discussion.

Designed for educators by educators, The Discussion Project’s all new one-day course gives teachers a powerful set of instructional tools that will help all students participate in classroom discussions. The one-day course focuses on building the foundational aspects needed to create student engagement and productive discourse in an evolving classroom environment.

We’re here to help you learn and develop new skills as educational leaders to better serve advance student learning. Our one-day course covers foundational aspects of structured discussion and teachers leave with 10 actionable strategies to increase purposeful student talk:

  • Module 1: Building community
  • Module 2: Defining discussion
  • Module 3: Facilitating whole group interactions

The one-day course is structured to meet the professional development needs of either higher education instructors or teachers of grades 6-12.

Learn on your terms.

This course is offered both in-person and online.

  • In-person: One full day on location
  • Online: 3 two-hour Zoom sessions, one for each of the learning modules

Participants will receive a The Discussion Project Certificate of Completion which may be used for continuing education credit (6 hours).


What our professional learners say

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Elizabeth Wellenstein

Reading Specialist, Madison Metropolitan School District

“You will leave this workshop with an abundance of ideas about how to incorporate meaningful discussion into your curriculum. [I learned] more effective ways to involve discussion in the classroom aside from whole-class discussions – while these have a place/purpose, I really feel I have a bank of options I can pull from that can best match my learning goals for my students. I also have a better sense of how to assess and whether that means quick feedback or something more substantive.”
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Molly Swanhorst

Teacher, Waunakee Community School District

“I honestly loved every second. The workshop felt like summer camp for teaching nerds. It was an amazing workout for my brain. Eveything from the attitudes and actions of the facilitators to the structure and schedule of the course made for three days of amazing experiential learning. Thank you for your attention to detail and for making such a welcoming and enjoyable space to be in. I learned so much and genuinely loved every minute. While I was already doing a good job with discussion, I now have more actionable ways to do an even better job!

Learn to discuss. Discuss to learn.



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